NICHOLAS ADOLPHSEN |  Founder, Baxter Strategies

NICHOLAS ADOLPHSEN | Founder, Baxter Strategies


Hi, I’m Nick adolphsen

I’ve worked for almost 10 years with the Maine Legislature, providing management and guidance to two of Maine’s largest state agencies. My biggest strengths come from my significant expertise in the financial appropriations and legislative committee processes and the strong, longstanding relationships I maintain with key members of the Legislature and within State Government on both sides.

Recent experience

Throughout 2017-2018, I served as a Senior Policy Adviser to Governor Paul R. LePage acting as the Governor’s point of contact and adviser for the state’s two largest administrative agencies, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS)—agencies with a total annual budget of nearly $4 billion and more than 4,500 employees.

I also spent 5 years as Director of Government Relations and Policy at the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, where I worked as as a senior adviser to the Commissioner for legislative, policy and budget discussions, managing all government affairs for DHHS and its 3,000 employees.

Before joining the LePage Administration, I also served as a Legislative Aide in the House Republican Office and managed nearly two dozen State Senate campaigns after receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Maine, Orono.