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A trusted, respected voice to Maine legislators in every office. An honest and straightforward advocate for every client.


Hi, I’m Nick Adolphsen, founder of baxter strategies.

I’ve spent the last 10 years working in the heart of Maine government and know what it takes to make things happen in Augusta.


nicholas adolphsen

Founder, Baxter Strategies


get the expert in getting things done at the capitol on your side.

Over the past decade, I’ve worked as a Legislative Liason for the Department of Health and Human Services and then as Senior Policy Advisor to the Governor. Throughout the myriad of contentious issues handled in these offices, my straightforward, respectful approach has allowed me to maintain strong relationships with legislators across the political spectrum.

My unique ability to bring people together over the most contentious issues allows me to ease open doors and overcome barriers for companies that work with state government. 

Having worked in the highest levels of state government, my team and I know how each branch of government works and how to best navigate the bureaucratic waters.

We specialize in helping businesses with legislative strategy, policy review, agency actions and government procurement and business development.

We know what it takes to get things done in Augusta and have the experience and resources to ensure our clients are protected each step of the way.

I’d love to help you open doors, overcome obstacles and get things done in Augusta.